“Realizing that the children of to-day will rapidly develop into individuals keen to learn and be taught, she will always be alive to the necessity of cultivating her own mind, and the work of self-education and improvement will go on for her while life lasts.”

–The Parents' Review


Every year during planning, we get consumed with which living books we will be adding, committing to more diligent nature study, and determining which new keeping notebook or chart we want to implement in our home. But what are all these wonderful plans without a well mother?

The Charlottesville CM Community invites you to join us for a rich and nourishing weekend. Our speaker workshops will provide everything you need to begin planning a new school year with renewed commitment to the Charlotte Mason philosophy. Receive insight into Charlotte Mason's practices and beneficial take homes to more accurately follow this beautiful methodology.

While we learn skills to implement in our children's education, there is also time carved out to be nourished as a person. Learn new skills that will provide an outlet to refresh and renew your own soul each day amongst the craziness of a homeschooling life.